On Website Conversions Fundamental Approach

Many people around the world have business websites. Website having higher number of visitor, already established presence either through organic campaign or through paid campaign. If you are having website and not getting traffics for more than 6 to 8 months, have to think on the metrics received through Google Analytics.

Popular quote says that, “It’s much easier to double your business by doubling your conversion rate than by doubling your traffic.”

But how you will do that? Is this quote suits you best for your business? What I know, most people will have same answers like It’s easy to say but hard to do. We can explore and prove statement with stages. Never Give up. So let’s conclude what measurement/stages should evaluate your website, conversion and traffic. I am going to explain basic and fundamental stages:

1. Website Development Process
Our primary motive is to have good conversion and traffic at website. In order to achieve goal, you need to develop a website or mobile application. Most people already have website but they need to check whether website is providing traffic or conversions. Measure metrics received from console, analytics and check visitors behavior. Why they are returning from search results? Any kind information is missing or website needs to be revamped. Thus people having website or planning to develop a website, both require analysis on Logo and UI design. So during website development process you need to check whether your website have keywords specific information and pages developed, shows information systematically?

2. Logo Design
During off page optimization, several places sites are published and Logo resembles vision of your website. Thus you need rethink on the Logo concept. Also compare your logo among competitor’s logo. Collect all logo at one place and make a survey with friends and relatives. Which Logo they found powerful, attractive and information based. Slowly Slowly remove odd logo, people found it worst and lastly put 3 to 4 Logo people found powerful. If your Logo is out among last four then you need to rework on it. In this way you will find value of your Logo.

3. Website UI Design
Design is very crucial for each website to achieve good number of conversions. It should be based upon Logo colors and design concept should be based upon keywords. As for example you want to start e-commerce business website. Now what you will add on the homepage? However it is a work of designer to provide you concept but you should have knowledge about what is right and wrong. E-commerce website should display products and information. Trending products should be highlighted on homepage. Each products on homepage should be keywords specific. Form submission, product visualizations should amended and pictured clearly. Testimonials on homepage and one separate pages adds you value. Blog sections should be added and mandatory because it will keep your website refreshing with keywords. If Blogs ranked well and mostly read by visitors, then your website will have good traffic.

4. Website Development
During website Development several customization’s required and developers are using predefined codes that might be cause issues in future. So all type of customization should have fresh codes. You can visit W3C validator and check code issues into your website. For e-commerce, you should develop a flow which attracts people to search more products. As for example someone is visited your website for searching Cloth or fabrics. There should be up selling and cross selling features implemented into your website. So user visit to your website will see products and based upon the behavior new products will also be introduced. Cross selling will pop up new categories time to time, might user will be interested and convert quickly.

5. Powerful On Page optimization
On Page optimization means changes or amendment done within your website. Purpose is to make your website SEO friendly and When Google bots will visit your website, information will be stored into the database. You have to set up sitemap for your website. It can be checked as domain name slash xml. Sitemap is a file placed at your website. It will show up all individual pages of your website. Google crawlers crawls your sitemap and acquire all information into your website. Image should also have alt tag so that crawlers understand what information it exhibits. Keep adding new Blogs in two or three days so that it will keep refreshing time to time and new information will be stored into the website.

6. Connect your website with Search Console and Google Analytics
Yes, it is 100% Mandatory. Search Console will provide you metrics data on your website and Analytics report will show you all data internally and externally with your website. Both helps you to understand campaign status. Which strategy is working and what changes needs to be done. Analytics will also help you to know about PPC results and conversions.

7. Off Page Optimization
During Off page optimization conversion will be based upon your website trust value. How you will increase trust with Google. For Doing so you have get external links from good website. It’s also called back links. Exact number of Back-links only known from the website only, third party website during the audits, not providing exact number of back Links. If you have submitted Articles, posted Blogs or done several Blog commenting then check the Domain authority of website. In order to achieving the Back-links most people do posting on toxic website. When toxic website penalized, your website will also get affected.

8. Paid Campaign
During Paid campaign’s like PPC, it is necessary that your website to be indexed with Google and have good trust value. Suggesting, if your keywords are ranked on the top page then it will have good advantage to go with paid campaign launch. Once visitor will see keyword results with advertisement, with Google Map results, and organic results, it will create a brand impact and increase conversion ratio. Similarly if you are new into the business or start ups, you can also launch paid campaign but you only have to depend upon your web pages strength and information. Thus chances of conversion will be very less in comparison with the trustworthy competitors into the market. So make your keywords presence at the top of organic results then it will be the best time to run PPC campaigns. It’s a time of competition so no one stays at the top permanently. Competitor will be reaching and drop you out from the top. So take care of your keywords top rankings and use PPC campaign for good online conversions.

9. Push strategies
When you are doing SEO campaign, PPC Campaign at a right time (when your organic keywords are on top), then Re-marketing strategies will help you well into the conversions. When your visitor engaged with your website and due to some reasons navigates from the site then Re-marketing will help you into mapping touch points and suggest visitors with banner ads. Re-marketing is the process to recall your visitor who bounce back from the website. Ad-words will show you returned visitors ratios within the data.