Web designer Refueling Considerations

Do you know when your website is visible to visitors? How much time people spend at your page and why they convert or deviate from your website? None of the rural/urban industries will describe fundamentals of algorithm and reason of nurturing of websites with deviations. Let’s connect you with basic information and based upon that owners can acknowledge loopholes and change methodology. In this post we will discuss design refueling attention, for development we will cover aspects into the another post.

1. Logo Identification
Logo identification recommends first fundamental refueling attention during website development. Are you accepting your company as a brand? If yes then reflect your vision into the logo. Make your choices among 50 designs representing your business. Logo also decides color combination of your website and based upon logo preference website shines and reflects vision. Logo also helps you to make your brand competitive. During promotional activities your logo is submitted or adding a batch script code into your website will attract viewers to know more about your company strength. Most website also accept Logo Submission and it will also resembles power of your services. So decide well, make a survey, take opinions, store opinions, evaluate opinions, then take your decision.

2. Homepage Design Concept
Varieties of website available across online market. Example: informative website, E-commerce website, Classified website, Tourism website, Restaurant based website and many others. Do not stuck with the designs they have, measure competitive designs related to your industries. Take an example of tourism industry. What is more important? Booking appointment features. Somebody visit to tourism website then first he will check the booking status, prices, offers, locations, website trustworthiness, reviews, testimonials, refund and other information. When everything meets with the search then particular visitor will convert and book the package. So homepage should highlight what is more important to your business. Make specific contact form per pages so that if user will be all set then easily convert. Form fill out also helps you in tracking analytics data.

3. Website Revamp
Website Revamping is all about changing the design of the website. You have to identify your own, whether your website is appealing well as per the approach or its needs to be attractive/service oriented?
Mobile friendly website with poor/unhealthy appeal will deviate users from the search. It will also affect your online presence and disqualify the quality you are serving to people. So first prepare a new design and then implement the features. During revamping of your website, your online website will not be affected till the development completion (if company will have demo servers available). When your website will be completed at demo server then it’s file would be replaced at your live website. In this way your website with newer design will replace older design at your website. During revamping of your website, identify apart from design what other information would be replaced or amend?

4. Competitive Advantage
Visit Google and search competitors, do not search directly with a website URL, always check with Keywords results. Identify why UI and information contributes them to stay at first position/page? How is your competitor Logo and UI appeals to you? What makes them different? Ask as many questions to yourself, colleagues and partners, note it down inputs and evaluate how we can sustain our company within the existing environment. What makes us to distinguish among competitors. What is our USP? All input should be studied and outcomes needs to be evaluated.

In order to meet user expectation, identify true aspect of designing your portal. Never let the go things easily and modify/justify each modules within a website. Policy Matters but information should be clear. Flow might not be systematically arranged but look should appeal users to engage with information.