Website Growth Tracker and Assessment

Do you know Website Development for portraying business and information is not only a task for tracking it’s growth and performance? Major insights always reviewed after completion of your website and live on the server. We have monitored, most of the peoples who developed the website rethink (hundred times) on its marketing plans. Budget, trust, end results and many issues keep them away from final decision. Here I am enclosing some details, needs to be cared while making your website performance effective.

1. Build a good relationship with your agencies
2. Monitor analytics and Google search console metrics data.
3. Add conversion point for your website on Analytics.
4. Boost your Social Media pages with fresh content.
5. Remove all odd links or broken links from your website.
6. Make your content based upon the keywords you are opting.
7. Post fresh blogs on Blogger.
8. Website content should be unique and not copied from other website.
9. Each month end, ,measure analytics results of Google, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn

Tracking your website, measuring its performances and evaluating outcomes is not a cup of tea for every peoples. Thus if you are going to hire agencies then keep in mind that you should estimate valuable return on your investment. Take an example of SEO. When you are doing SEO campaign then keep in mind that it’s long term and continuous process. But it doesn’t mean that without results you continue work month longer than a year. Hire agencies for a month first.

1. Check month end report.
2. How much keywords are ranked at Google.
3. In which page and location target keywords are reaching the audience.
4. Check first month analytics report.
5. How many new visitors, average session and goal conversion have been done.
6. Check the number of countries and percentage of traffic achieved.
7. Add and verify your website with Google my Business.
8. Also measure console results and aware with website inner pages performances.
9. SEO takes minimum 3 month to rank Keywords or keywords to be ranked at first page (depends upon competition).

Take progressive notes on keywords performance, New visitors, countries location and content writing each month. Publish each blogs/articles a fresh blog/articles. Meet with some keywords into the content. Quality level of content should be pure then only your website will automatically rank at search result. Powerful content leads the market and search engine values those content that has never been copied from any web sources. Also check inner pages broken links and remove it so that Google cannot index those pages. Register your website with Search console and check if any issues exist into the website. Remove it as soon as possible. Form fill up inquiries should be checked on daily basis. Might you will get some inquiries.

Development Molecule describes website growth tracking and Assessment system as evaluation of data measured from different metrics. Metrics would be like Search Console, Google Analytics, Facebook Analytics, Instagram Analytics, LinkedIn Analytics, Twitter Analytics. We are not advising you to directly with paid campaign. How much days/month/year you will invest on paid campaign? Organic campaign like SEO (Search engine optimization), SMO (Social Media optimization) will make your website trustworthy and play vital role into converting your company into brand.

Next Module we will cover some more agenda on online marketing.